About us

We're a new breed of banking. We're everything your bank isn't. Alive. Engaged. Understanding. Free. We're a financial friend that inspires a better way of banking, one that is paper, queue and hassle free! Our entire experience is built around a language you're fluent in: SWIPING. With Blink #LiveWithMore.

Our Brand Story

Blink was born out of a simple belief: Money is meant to be easy; it's meant to work for us, and not the other way around, but somewhere along the way, banks started acting more like establishments that tie us and our money down and so we came together to inspire a new and more liberated way of banking, one that enables you to live with more.

Our Identity

Being the transformative brand that we are, we wanted to give ourselves a name that represents that, so Blink seemed like an obvious choice.

Let's face it, life is moving fast; days, weeks, months, and years pass by. We've all simply become busier and more occupied that we started to forget how to live. Blink is all about transformation; it's about taking in the speed and utilizing that for good, using that speed to bank less and live more. It's about stopping, blinking, and giving yourself the clarity to remember that what truly matters the most is a life well-lived.

With a rallying cry of financial freedom and putting control back in the hands of people, our brand is here to inspire a community of change-makers to join a better way of banking. It is an abstract creation that brings together different design philosophies to present an identity that is always in motion.

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Why we’re different

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We love the environment. We will forever be paperless.

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We're open, transparent, and quite easy to understand and deal with.

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We use technology to enrich and not to overcomplicate.

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We're passionate about what we do and make sure it's reflected in everything we do.

Who is behind blink icon

Who is behind blink?

We are a group of young, passionate, tech-savvy, and diverse individuals tied together by a solid moral code.

We aspire to enrich people’s lives by delivering a smarter, more flexible, and simpler alternative to banking, one as easy to navigate and understand as social platforms. We work hard to bring to you the most convenient form of banking and aim to be part of your day-to-day life. Through our agile organization structure, we aim to thrust into the future of banking by creating a culture that fosters innovation in everything we do.

What are you waiting for? Let's Blink!

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