Blink Credit Card terms and conditions



These Terms and Conditions shall be applied to the connection between the Bank and/or any individual who applies for the issuance of the credit Card, (the masculine form wherever it appears includes the feminine also) and the following phrases and words shall have the meaning provided hereunder:


The Terms and Conditions:

these terms and conditions, as amended, which show the method of using the credit Card, the rights, and obligations of the Customer, which is approved by the Customer/Cardholder, and published on the Bank’s electronic applications, platforms and mobile application “Blink” that is designated for the Bank’s electronic services.

The Kingdom:

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The Bank:

Capital Bank of Jordan, as the owner of the trademark “Blink”


the trademark that is owned and registered in the name of the Bank and used for the purposes of distinguishing various electronic services for the Bank, which appear on its publications, paper, and electronic publications. This includes, but is not limited to, the Bank's electronic applications and platforms for these services of all kinds.

The Customer:

The person who opens an Account with the Bank and a Primary Card is issued for him/her, who shall be responsible for any Card and/or Supplementary Cards issued at his/her request and approved by the Bank.

The Guarantor:

The person / institution/ company that guarantees the Customer in relation to the obligations that may result from the Card issued in favor of the Customer.


his term shall have the same definition referred to in the terms and conditions of digital banking services signed by the customer for the purpose of opening Blink account in his name.

The Account:

the account opened in favor of the Customer or the account that will be opened in favor of the Customer to deal with the Card.

The Card:

the Visa Credit Card of all types issued and/or renewed by the Bank

The Primary Card:

the Card issued in favor of the Customer with the Bank upon his/her request and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The Supplementary Card

the Card issued by the Bank at the request of the Primary Cardholder for the use of the individual he/she identifies (must be a first-degree relative of the cardholder), and this Supplementary Card is issued according to the bases stipulated herein.

The Cardholder:

the person who holds the Primary and/or Supplementary Card issued by the Bank at the request of the Customer.

The Use of the Card:

the use of the Card for purchases of goods and obtaining services from shops or through the Internet, or for the purposes of withdrawing cash using the Card on ATMs and/or withdrawing cash from banks using the Card.

Card Limit:

the maximum amount allowed for the Customer to be utilized as determined by the Bank.

The Password:

the number issued by the Bank to the Cardholder of the Primary Card and Supplementary Card through the Bank application "Blink", which is dedicated to the Bank's electronic services. This number enables the Customer to use ATMs that take POS numbers to withdraw cash and inquire about his/her Card balance all over the world, and on ATMs/ Automated authorization that requires entering a Password to be used.

The Expenses:

includes the Card issuance fees incurred by the Customer annually and any costs, stamp fees, charges and expenses for mail, telephone, telegraph, telex, fax, transport, price, currency difference, commission, interest and other commissions, collection expenses and all other Bank expenses, fees, fines, attorneys’ fees and expertise and any fees incurred by the Bank due to the issuance and/or use of the Card.

The Monthly Payment:

the amount that shall be paid by the Customer monthly resulting from purchases of goods and services, online transactions, and ATM withdrawals made using the Card, and this includes the Primary and Supplementary Card (if any). This amount represents the percentage to be paid by the Customer to the Bank from the total of all obligations owed by the Customer and the minimum required from him/her monthly.

Card Account Balance:

the total utilized balance of the Card due to the Bank according to its records on the date of issuing the Card Account Statement, including all Expenses.

Card Account Statement:

the statement that shows the details of the debit and credit amounts and the Card Account Balance due to the Bank and resulting from the use of the Card by the holder.


Pursuant to this document, I, the undersigned, in my capacity as a Customer of the Bank, apply for a Credit Card, and I acknowledge that all the information contained in this application is true and correct. As well as I authorize the Bank to verify this from any sources it chooses, and accept that the Bank is entitled, according to its absolute choice, to accept or reject this application without giving any reasons whatsoever. The use of the Bank Primary Card and any Supplementary Card issued on my Account will be subject to these Terms and Conditions: issued by the Bank, which may be amended from time to time upon notifying the client. Upon request, I authorize the Bank to issue a Primary Card and/or Supplementary Cards to be used on my Account to the person whose name will be appeared on it who is over the age of (18) years, and I agree to provide him/her and/or them with Card, card Account information at my request under this irrevocable declaration. By issuing the Primary Card and/or a Supplementary Card granted to any individual pursuant to a request to grant me this Card and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions signed by me, I am considered responsible for any withdrawal contained in the monthly Card statement issued by the Bank, which is a conclusive argument and definitive evidence toward me. Moreover, the Bank is entitled to cover the entirety of these withdrawals in an extreme amount from any of my accounts in any of the Bank’s branches without referring to me. I also undertake not to exceed the maximum limit that I am allowed to withdraw under the Card, In the event that such an excess of the maximum limit occurs intentionally or unintentionally, I authorize the Bank to cover such excess as soon as it occurs and from any of my accounts with the Bank without any objection from me to the exchange rate or to this coverage.

Upon approval of the issuance of the Card, I agree to pay the fees incurred, if any, regardless of whether the Card has been activated or not.

Upon issuing the Card issued by the Bank, I definitively and decisively confirm my commitment to the Terms and Conditions set out below, which I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to and undertake to act according to, which are as follows:


  1. All the Accounts of the Customer/ the Card Holder/the Guarantor shall be so held as security with the Bank to guarantee the settlement of any amounts and liabilities due to the Bank resulting from the use of the Card. The Customer /the Guarantor absolutely and irrevocably authorize the Bank in advance to cover any withdrawal/s made on the Card inside the Kingdom or abroad including purchasing goods and obtaining services as well as cash advances and withdrawals and others, with the commitment to settle all the amounts debited on the Account held with the Bank, in addition to any commissions, interests, stamp duties, costs and expenses incurred and/or will be incurred on the Card out of my Accounts according to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, I also do hereby absolutely and irrevocably authorize the Bank to set off , effect the clearance atall times, cover and settle all the withdrawals made by using the Card, including any commissions, interests, costs and expenses out of any of my Account/s held with the Bank, in all of its branches, whether denominated in Jordanian Dinar or in any other currency. However, and in case of any differences between the currencies, then the Customer/the Guarantor authorize the Bank to effect the exchange of the currencies in the manner and according to the conversion rates it shall deem suitable without being required to refer back to him/them or object against the same while the current authorization shall stand to be continuous unconditional and non-challengeable in any way whatsoever for which it shall not expire unless all liabilities, amounts, commissions\ interests, stamp duties, expenses and charges due to the Bank shall be settled according to its books and registers which shall stand to be definite and true within 14 days from the date of sending the notice without having the right for me/us at any time to object against the same. Furthermore, I/we waive and forfeit any legal right to adhere to any formal and/or subjective defense and/or to defend on the basis of the non-acceptance and/or satisfaction and/or adherence to the false statement oath regarding the matters mentioned in this document as well as the matters related and emanated thereof.
  2. The Customer, under these Terms and Conditions of the Bank, authorizes the Bank to open an account that will be used specifically to record the various operations related to the Card program of the Primary Card and any Supplementary Card/s.
  3. The use of the Card is limited to the Cardholder. However, the Bank is entitled, according to its choice, to issue Cards at the request of the Cardholder Customer, whether this request is submitted in writing or remotely using the Bank’s electronic services through the Application, for the purpose of using it by his/her family members or others. The Customer is solely responsible for all amounts, claims, etc. that will result from the use of the Supplementary Cards.
  4. This Card remains owned by the Bank at all times and shall be returned to it upon request, even in the event of termination and suspension of the discontinuation of the Card, provided that this does not affect any claims and obligations that arise before handing over the Card to the Bank.
  5. The Bank is entitled, at any time and without any responsibility, to temporarily suspend the the Card if it has any suspicions that the Card is being used incorrectly and/or illegally, whether based on reports that the Bank may receive and/or as a result of the Bank’s inability to confirm the correctness of the transactions with the Customer; especially if the suspicious transactions were received from one of the countries classified as high-risk and for any other reason that the Bank deems according to its discretion, without any objection from the Customer in this regard.
  6. In the event the Customer wishes to cancel his Card, the Bank shall release the collateral pledge after 30 days from the date of the Customer’s payment of all obligations (if any) incurred by him/her and to check all transactions made on the Card, afterwards the bank shall provide the clearance letter in four working days.
  7. The Customer authorizes the Bank to renew the Card(s) automatically upon expiry of its period, and the expenses resulting from the renewal are debited to the Customer’s account with the Bank, the customer will be notified in advance of the renewal of the card. The Customer is also entitled to request to cancel the renewal 90 days before the expiry date of the Card. In this case, the Customer shall pay all the amounts owed by him/her in favor of the Bank arising from the use of the Primary Card(s)/ Supplementary Card(s) issued in his/her favor.
  8. The Customer and/or the Cardholder agree that the Bank is not responsible for the goods and services purchased by the Customer and/or the Cardholder with the Card. In all cases, the Customer is obligated to pay the required amounts arising from the use of the Card without any objection.
  9. The Customer and/or the Cardholder acknowledges that the merchant is entitled to request a personal identification (ID) document to complete the sale process, and the merchant is entitled to refuse the sale if the Customer or the Cardholder refrains from providing a personal identification (ID) document.
  10. The Customer / Cardholder acknowledges that the Bank does not bear any responsibilities of any kind due to any person's refusal of the Card and/or the inability to deal with it. As well as, the Bank does not bear any responsibility for any defect and/or deficiency in the goods and services obtained by it of any kind and for goods and services purchased with the Card.
  11. The Bank is not a party to any dispute that may arise between the Cardholder and the merchant and/or the supplier of goods and/or the service provider and any party that accepts dealing with the Card.
  12. The Bank is entitled, according to its choice, to amend these Terms and Conditions hereby, and these modifications shall be considered binding, and the Customer’s continued use of the Card is considered acceptance of those modifications. In addition, the Bank is entitled to direct the above-mentioned notice of an amendment to these Terms and Conditions in writing directly to the Customer or by using the Bank's electronic services or publishing an updated version on the bank's electronic applications and platforms available to the customer.
  13. The Customer and/or the Cardholder shall keep a copy of the purchase receipts issued by merchants and/or the notices issued by the ATMs, for the purposes of auditing them with the Card transaction’s statement to verify the amounts contained therein.
  14. The Bank is entitled to deactivate and/ or cancel the Card at any time without giving reasons and the Customer is entitled at any time to deactivate and/or cancel the Card. In both cases, the required balances, which include interest, commissions, and any other expenses and costs, are due to be paid immediately to the Bank without the need to send a notice to the Customer in this regard.
  15. The Bank is entitled, at any time, to demand the Card back, provided that the Customer is obligated at all times to pay all its obligations and expenses before the date of delivery of the Card without any objection, with the need to ensure that the Card is destroyed by breaking it and obtaining a receipt for this from the entity that received the Card. Whereas, the Customer is responsible for not complying with this clause.
  16. The address of the Customer for the purposes of notification and correspondence is the address registered with the Bank, and the Customer is obligated to inform the Bank in writing or through the Bank’s electronic services or on its phone numbers of any modification that occurs to it.
  17. 1. The Bank will send a monthly statement of account to the Customer, which includes all transactions of the Customer on the Card, where the Customer is entitled to object to the said statement transactions within a period of (15) days from the date of receiving this statement.

    2. The Customer acknowledges his consent for the Bank to send the statement to the Customer via any electronic means (e-mail and/or a link sent to the Customer’s mobile phone registered with the Bank and/or via mail to the Customer’s address registered with the Bank).

    3.  The Customer agrees that failure to receive the statement does not explain and/or justify the non-payment of the amounts due on the Card at the due date.

    4.  The Customer agrees that the Bank sends a text message to him/her on the mobile phone number registered with the Bank and/or sends notifications through the Banking application used by the Customer, which states that any of the transactions made through the Card is recorded, whether this process is done through the Bank’s electronic means and services or otherwise.

  18. The monthly payment is calculated after taking into account all the Customer’s transactions and the previously incurred obligations and the interest accrued on all obligations and any other commissions according to the prescribed percentage and/or the minimum required for it, and any amounts and interests unpaid in the previous months and the amounts used above the limit set for the Card shall be added.
  19. In the event that the Customer fails to pay for two months from the due date specified by the Bank and shown in the account statement, the entire balance of the Card account plus interest, commissions, and/or penalties for late-payments and any other expenses shall be due immediately. In this case, the Bank is entitled to deactivate and/or cancel the Card.
  20. In the event that the Customer wishes to pay his/her receivables through his/her account in a foreign currency and/or wants to conduct an automatic coverage from his/her account in foreign currency to the Card Account, the required equivalent amount shall be credited according to the exchange rate prevailing on the date of payment without the Customer having the right to object to that.
  21. In the event that the Customer does not pay the minimum due on the due date, a delay/late commission will be collected on any delay in payment as specified according to the Bank’s schedule of fees and commissions and it will be credited to the Card account, and the Customer is not entitled to object to that.
  22. It is understood that the withdrawals that can be paid in installments are those that take place within the Card limit specified by the Bank only, and the Customer shall be obligated to pay any excesses of this limit and/or any previous due payments on the due date specified by the Bank.
  23. Monthly interest shall be calculated on the Customer’s total receivables according to the prescribed rate, which amounts to 1.75%, and the Bank is entitled, after notifying the Customer, to adjust this percentage according to the prevailing interest rates, whether by increase and/or decrease provided that it does not exceed the maximum permissible interest rate.
  24. The interest shall be calculated on the cash withdrawal transactions starting from the date of the first day of the transaction until the issuance of the Card Account Statement, so that the interest is calculated on the existing Card Account Balance including the accumulated interest until full payment. This commission amounts to 4% in addition to the monthly interest of 1.75%.
  25. The Bank has the right, at any time it wants and at its absolute discretion, to amend the Limit by increasing with the approval of the customer or decreasing by notifying the customer of that, and that any modification does not cancel any of these terms and conditions, which remain in effect without any modification / change.
  26. 1. The Customer acknowledges that the Bank’s books, records, and accounts are conclusive evidence to prove the obligations, claims, and amounts owed by him/her. As well as the Customer declares that the balance required of him/her in accordance with the Bank’s restrictions and accounts is final and correct, even if no objection is received within 15 days from the date of sending the notice by the Bank to the Customer’s address and if no such notice is given.

              2. All entries, records, and transactions related to services that are made through the electronic means of the Bank and used by the Customer, including but not limited to all transactions and purchases of goods and services that are made using the Card, are conclusive and correct evidence to prove the obligations, claims, and amounts owed by the Customer in favor of the Bank.

  27. The Customer/Guarantor undertakes to pay the required amounts including commissions and any other costs and interests at the prevailing rate on the date of registration in accordance with the instructions in force at the Bank and the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan. The Customer/Guarantor also authorizes the Bank to debit his/her account(s) and/or any of them, and the Bank has entitled to debit the account with cash withdrawal fees according to the Bank’s applicable rates of the cash withdrawal value in order to cover the cost of Banks restricting this service to the holder.
  28. The Customer and the Guarantor agree that they that they cannot object if the value of the credit transactions, which are credited to the Card account is less than the amount originally credited.
  29. The Customer/ Guarantor agrees to consider all the movable and immovable funds owned by them and/or any of them and the money that is with the Bank or deposited with it or registered in the name of any of them in the Bank’s records as reserved/guaranteed to pay all the amounts owed by the Customer and the Guarantor as a result of withdrawals resulting from the use of the Card by him/her or any person holding a Primary Card/Supplementary Cards. The Customer authorizes the Bank to make the seizure at the time and mechanism it deems appropriate.
  30. In the event of misuse of the Card and/or complicity in misuse, the Customer (The Cardholder) and the Guarantor shall be jointly and separately responsible for all amounts resulting from this use, and they must compensate the Bank for any failure and damage incurred as a result of that.
  31. The Customer (Cardholder)/Guarantor authorizes the Bank to debit his/her account with the annual subscription fees for the Card and all amounts, expenses, and fees resulting from his/her use of the Card and/or arising from his/her claim to pay the debit balances owed by him/her, whether the Cardholder signs the receipts when using the Card or not.
  32. The Card will be deactivated in the event that the property of the Cardholder/Guarantor is seized and/or one of them and/or both of them have been judged to liquidate their properties and/or if one of them has declared Bankruptcy and/or has failed and/or stopped paying and/or in the event of the death of one of them and/or both, and the debit balance on the Cardholder’s account becomes immediately payable without the need for warning and/or notice and/or otherwise and must be paid immediately. The Bank is entitled to claim the Cardholder and/or Guarantor’s agent.
  33. The Customer is prohibited under penalty of legal responsibility to use the Card for gambling and/or purchasing prohibited items and/or legally prohibited goods for purchase and/or via the Internet and/or telephone and/or requesting services through the mail which may lead to revealing the Card number which may expose (the Cardholder) to the risks of its use by others (especially the Internet).
  34. The customer who holds the card is obligated to take all necessary measures and precautions to preserve the card, and to keep the secret number away from it, and he also undertakes to inform the bank immediately upon its loss. Thus, it is also obligated to notify immediately if it finds the card so that the bank can take the appropriate action, and the bank has the right to issue a new card to replace the reported damaged and/or stolen (lost) cards and its issuance is subject to the fees prescribed for issuing stolen / lost cards.
  35. The Customer declares the following:
    • All judicial notifications and/or everything issued by the Bank to the Customer is acceptable to his/her address registered with the Bank without the need for legal notice or notification for the purposes of this document.


    • This contract is subject to the provisions of Jordanian law and the regulations and instructions issued by the Central Bank of Jordan, in addition to the instructions issued by the Card-issuing companies and any amendments that may occur in the future.
    • The Courts of Amman/ Palace of Justice is the competent authority to consider any dispute/claims arising from this contract. (The Bank has the authority to sue the Customer before any court of jurisdiction in which his/her address is located regardless of the spatial authority of this court and loses its right in advance to challenge the spatial competence of the court chosen by the Bank).
    • Regardless of what is stipulated in this article, the Bank is entitled to exercise the powers to sue in any country it chooses or in any country in which the Customer/Guarantor resides or he/she/they have money.In addition, the prosecution in one country does not preclude prosecution in one or more other countries at the same time.
  36. The Terms and Conditions contained in this form are the Terms and Conditions in force with the Bank and they govern the connection between the Bank and the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that he/she has reviewed it and agreed to it permanently and irrevocably and that he has duly received a full copy of it. These Terms and Conditions are binding on the Customer without the need for him/her to sign them. The Customer's signature on the last page is considered as his/her signature on all pages as one unit.
  37. The clearance of the Card is granted after 30 days from the date of canceling the Card, provided that the amounts due on it are paid in full, including expenses, fees, interest, fines, and other amounts resulting from its use.
  38. All credit Cards are issued with a non-touch feature.
  39. The Customer agrees to receive the Card at his/her actual address registered with the Bank, taking into account the following procedures:
    1. The Bank has the absolute authority to determine the company and/or the party that will deliver the Card to the Customer and delivers it to him/her.
    2. Before receiving the Card, the Customer must present his/her valid identity Card issued by the Civil Status Department or the original passport in case the Customer is not Jordanian for the purpose of enabling the delivery company employee to verify the Customer’s identity.
    3. After the employee of the delivery company registers the Customer's data, the Customer shall receive an envelope that includes the Card, with the receipt attached to it.
    4. After the Customer receives the receipt for receiving the Card, the Customer shall sign it in the field designated for that on the mentioned receipt, writing his/her full name and handing it over to the aforementioned employee to return it to the Bank, and the signature on the receipt of the card is a confirmation of the customer's commitment to abide the terms and conditions for the cards.
  40. Credit cards are subject to the laws in force in Jordan for issuing cards and are subject to all relevant legislations, considering the international VISA regulations and the terms and conditions of the national network that connects ATMs in banks. Both the Bank and the Cardholder waive their rights to exchange judicial/legal notifications.
  41. After receiving the Card, the Customer shall enter the Bank’s electronic platform (Blink application) for the purpose of activating the Card and acknowledging receipt of it by entering the last four digits that appear on the back of the received Card.
  42. The Customer declares a final and irrevocable acknowledgment that he/she agrees to the application of all the Terms and Conditions regulating signature and electronic signature in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Transactions Law applicable to all transactions and procedures applicable to the Card and also regulated under the general conditions for opening accounts signed by the Customer, and this includes without limitation any procedures that require the Customer to sign either with a physical live signature or by his electronic signature regarding his/her transactions with the Bank and all purchases of goods and services made by the Customer using the Card, including signing these Terms and Conditions.


Terms and conditions for Verification by Visa Secure Code Service (VBV)

  1. Unless otherwise specified, these Service-Specific Terms apply when you use a VBV; the terms defined herein shall have the same meanings defined in the Card-Specific Terms.
  2. VBV provides an additional and free way of security when shopping online.
  3. The Bank does not guarantee the security of transactions made via the Internet but acts as an intermediary between the Customer and the merchant only. Accordingly, you are entirely responsible for any purchase of goods and/or services made on your Credit Card via the Internet.
  4. This service is available for all types of Visa credit Cards automatically, and therefore there is no need to subscribe to the service individually. All Capital Bank Customers are automatically involved when signing the credit Card forms, in addition to the Card's Terms and Conditions, whether this is done directly or remotely through the Bank's electronic services.
  5. Once you agree to the terms of this service, you confirm that you have read and agree to all Terms and Conditions of this service that apply to each merchant, and which are referenced by this content.
  6. This service works when using Visa credit Cards to purchase online through any of the stores that support this service, where the screen appears for entering the one-time secret code, which is sent to the Customer’s phone number installed on the system in order to verify the identity of the Customer who completed this process Through him/her, and when the Customer enters this code, this is considered a final acceptance of all the terms and conditions for using this service.
  7. In the event that the secret code is not entered correctly, the purchase process through the merchant will be failed and will be stopped by the site automatically.
  8. In the event that the requirements of the automatic payment process are not completed, this will lead to the non-completion of the purchase process, and the Bank is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur to the user of the service due to the non-completion of the purchase process.
  9. The password applies only to the operation for which the password was received and is not used to perform other operations.
  10. When using the Service, the Customer and/or the User of the Service shall:
    1. Ensure that the phone number registered with the Bank is updated periodically.
    2. Not to disclose the secret code to any person and must take all necessary precautions and care to prevent disclosure of the password by any person.
    3. Ensure that the phone is ready to receive text messages, with the Customer bearing all the expenses to obtaining the text message service received from the Bank.
  11. In the event that you do not have a mobile phone or do not provide us with your mobile phone number, the Bank will not be able to provide you with the password via a text message, and in this case, you will see a message on the screen asking you to contact the phone service center to register your approved phone number.
  12. The password verification screen will not always appear. This can happen, for example, if you make an online purchase from a merchant who does not use the service, in which case you can proceed with the usual automated payment process without any responsibility on the Bank.
  13. The Customer’s password or personal information will not be shared with merchants when the Customer purchases online.
  14. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the service or any online transaction.
  15. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the modification or suspension of this service.
  16. Due to the nature of the service, the Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the software, computer, communications, or other equipment that may result from the use of the service or due to said service’s suspension or disconnection for any reason whatsoever.
  17. The Customer’s correspondence or dealings with merchants over the internet or through the service are solely between the Customer and the merchant, and the Bank will not be a party in such transactions. Therefore, the Customer disclaims any liability on part of the Bank for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of such transactions. Merchant participation in the service does not indicate that the Bank recommends or endorse any merchant. For example, the service does not verify the identity of the merchant or the quality of the goods or services.
  18. Concerning the proprietary rights of a VBV service, the Customer will not acquire any proprietary rights or interest in the software available to the Customer to use this service.
  19. The Bank may permanently or temporarily suspend or deactivate the Customer’s ability to use the service and/or terminate his use of the Service without providing any reasons for that, the bank will notify the customer of such action.
  20. The Bank, in exceptional circumstances, may provide the Customer with an advanced notice within a period it determines in its sole discretion to deactivate the service if the Bank reasonably suspects that there is fraudulent or unauthorized use as protection of the Customer and the Bank shall not be obliged to do so. The Bank shall also be entitled to automatically terminate the usage of the service if it was not used at least once throughout 12 months.
  21. The Bank may, at any time in its sole discretion, modify the terms of service without requiring any prior notice. Any such amendments shall take effect upon their implementation by the Bank and/or upon notification by the Bank. The Customer further agrees that the Bank may, at any time in its sole discretion, choose to change the method of registration for this service, whether by self-registration or otherwise.

I, the Customer hereby absolutely and irrevocably confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to the above Terms and Conditions of the Bank credit Cards and their Verified By Visa Secure Code service.











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