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Open your bank account!

To open your account, download the Blink App from App Store or Google Play. Swipe through and follow a few easy steps.

All you need is your Smartphone, a valid Jordanian national ID, and about 15 minutes of your time (maybe less!).

Download Blink digital bank app Apple App Store
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Yellow Sun Debit Card
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Yellow Sun Debit Card

Yellow Sun Debit Card

As soon as you open your Blink account, we immediately issue your free virtual debit card and deliver the physical one to your doorstep for free; but until then, start spending using your virtual card anywhere, and at any time. Just flip the card in the app and you will see all your card details.

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See your transactions!

Your transaction history is as simple to navigate as your social feed. Swipe your way through to keep track of all your ins and outs. You can search your transactions to find what you're looking for anytime. You can also access and download your statements from the app.

Blink digital bank app image of money transfer

Send and receive money!

Whether you want to send money or request money, you can do it in a Blink! Just enter a recipient’s IBAN, mobile number, or alias. We will do the rest.

You can save your Blink contacts while sending or requesting money and next time just click on the contact, add the amount, and that's it!

The Iconic Credit Card in Rebellious Red The Iconic Debit Card in Yellow Sun
Blink credit card limit for online purchases
Get your card

Rebellious Red Credit Card

Never postpone a trip, purchase or outing again! We've made borrowing more accessible for everyone. With only a few simple steps, and one minute of your time, you can now get your free instant Rebellious Red credit card from Blink! No lengthy forms. No salary transfer. Nothing! Just choose the limit you are granted, choose your minimum pay back and your card is ready to use. What more? Your Rebellious Red credit card will be immediately issued virtually and we will deliver the physical one to your doorstep for free.

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Your cards, your rules

Manage Cards

Click on card settings to access all its exciting features! We're all about making your life easier. You can:

  • Freeze/unfreeze card
  • Cancel card
  • Manage card daily limits (contactless, ATM withdrawal, merchant payments, and online payment)
  • Manage card PIN (unblock and change)
  • Request a supplementary card

Stay tuned for more services coming your way.

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Get notified!


You're always in the know! Watch your phone ring, vibrate and light up with instant notifications! We will send you SMS and push notifications for all important transactions and we will also occassionally email you. We don't use banking jargon, that means what you see is what you get. No confusing or technical terms.

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There are
24 ATM’s near you

Cash out. Cash in.

ATM Withdraw and Deposit!

Worried about how you’ll be able to get money out of or into your account? It’s simple! Drive up to a Capital Bank ATM near you to deposit money. As for withdrawal, you can use any bank's ATM domestically or internationally. Even if you don’t have your physical card with you? Don’t worry, you can still use any of Capital Bank’s ATMs to withdraw and deposit cash without a card.

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Security? Control? Support? We've got your back!

We work around the clock to ensure that your Blink experience is as safe, secure and seamless as possible and have designed the Blink app to make sure you're at ease!

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