6 by 6 Campaign

To our current Blinkers & our new ones, we would like to share with you our new 6 by 6 Campaign, which offers you the highest interest paid on accounts in the kingdom allowing you to earn and accrue interest daily where you will be earning a steady and rewarding monthly income!

Not only do you earn that income, but you will also get a change to be one of 6 lucky winners to “Win your Balance” each month!

If you are currently a Blink card holder, start saving by depositing money into your account!

If you are new to Blink, download our app, open an account, and start saving with Blink today!

Important Campaign Features:

  • Highest yearly interest rate of 6 % in the kingdom, even higher than most interest rates paid on term deposits.
  • Highest interest rate on current accounts in the kingdom, giving you the freedom to withdraw and deposit money at any time, without any additional costs.
  • There are no additional fees and costs like the term deposits.
  • The interest is calculated each day according to your daily balance following this formula (amount in account * 6% * number of days the money stayed in your account / 365), so even if you kept money in the account in the last 5 days of the month, you would still earn interest at the end of the month, and even if you deposited on the last day of the month, you will still get paid.
  • Interest is earned by all customers who have a minimum balance of JODs 20 daily! the interest is guaranteed if you maintain the amount in your account.
  • We will pay you your earned interest at the end of each month. Most customers will benefit from this guaranteed income, even if the money was in your account for just one day throughout the month.
  • Don’t forget, we will be giving out 36 prizes of “win your balance” throughout the campaign period, 6 winners each month – which will be calculated based on your lowest balance throughout the month, given that it does not fall below JODs 20.

Example: you deposited JODs 1,500 in your Blink account for 15 days; we will pay you at the end of the month: 1,500 * 6% * 15 / 365 = JODs 3.69

Example: you deposited JODs 5,000 in your Blink account for 15 days, then you withdrew/spent JODs 500 (the remaining balance for the next 10 days was 1,000), then you withdrew/spent JODs 500 again (the remaining balance for the last 5 days was JODs 500) we will pay you at the end of the month JODs 14.38 which is calculated as below:

5,000 * 6% * 15 / 365 = JODs 12.33

1,000 * 6% * 10 / 365 = JODs 1.644

500 * 6% * 5 / 365 = JODs 0.41

12.33+1.644+0.41 = 14.38

Terms & Conditions of the campaign : https://bit.ly/3En6mUh






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